MP, Bengal top digitalisation of land records and services

March 2021
MP, Bengal top  digitalisation of land records and services

According to the recently released NCAER Land Records and Services Index 2020-21, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal and Odisha emerged as the best performing states in land record digitisation.

The 2021 NCAER Land Records and Services Index showed that almost all states and Union territories have seen an improvement in their efforts to digitise land records as compared to the previous years.

MP retained the top spot for the second consecutive year, followed by West Bengal, Odisha, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. West Bengal has moved up from the sixth to the second position, while Odisha and Maharashtra, which ranked second and third in N-LRSI 2020, fell one rank each to the third and fourth position in the index.

This index measures the performance of 32 states and UTs across parameters like digitisation of textual and spatial records, computerisation of the registration process and the quality of land records. The report highlighted that 29 states and UTs have shown a positive change or retained their scores in 2020-21.

Bihar, Karnataka, Tripura, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Kerala reported the most improvement.

National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER) is a New Delhi-based non-profit think tank and economic policy research institute.

Here are the top 5 ranked states and their scores in NCAER Land Records and Services Index 2020-21:

1Madhya Pradesh 74.88
2Odisha 67.45
3Maharashtra 65.26
4Chhattisgarh 64.1
5Tamil Nadu 62.99

Given below is the ranking and Index score of other states in NCAER Land Records and Services Index 2020-21:

6West Bengal 61.83
7Jharkhand 59.2
8Rajasthan 56.45
9Telangana 55.29
10Andhra Pradesh 53.87
11Uttar Pradesh 52.21
12Lakshadweep 47.85
13Himachal Pradesh 47.48
14Goa 41.33
15Karnataka 40.88
16Punjab 40.48
17Uttarakhand 36.08
18Haryana 35.34
19Gujarat 35.03
20Tripura 33.37
21Puducherry 32.32
22Dadra and Nagar Haveli 32.04
23Daman and Diu 30.15
25Andaman and Nicobar 25.41
26NCT of Delhi 22.06
27Manipur 21.91
28Assam 19.42
29Kerala 10.74
30Chandigarh 6
31Sikkim 5.92
32Jammu and Kashmir 4.29
33Ladakh 2

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