BLR Airport Facilitates Safe Transit for Nearly 3,000 Passengers During Lockdown

April 2020
BLR Airport Facilitates Safe Transit for Nearly 3,000 Passengers During Lockdown

BIAL has facilitated safe transit of nearly 3,000 foreign nationals with 22 flights flying passengers to 17 destinations across the globe from Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru (KIAB or BLR Airport) during the lockdown.

While Tokyo saw the largest number of passengers with JAL operating three flights over three consecutive days, Incheon (South Korea) was second, with Korean Air operating one flight.

The other destinations were Azerbaijan, Baghdad, Cairo, Colombo, Doha, Frankfurt, London, Male, Muscat, Paris, Paro, Riyadh, Rome, Stockholm and Tbilisi. The first evacuation from BLR Airport was to Frankfurt with Air India operating a flight on March 31. Of these destinations, this was the first time BLR Airport facilitated flights to eight new cities which included Baku, Baghdad, Cairo, Incheon, Paro, Rome and Stockholm and Tbilisi.

These flights were coordinated between governments to help foreign nationals, stranded in Bengaluru and across South India due to the nation-wide lockdown, return home. In preparation for each of these flights, the international terminal and other passenger touchpoints were cleaned, fumigated and sanitised to ensure passenger safety. With the support of BIAL staff at the terminal, working with CISF, immigration and airline staff, it was ensured that passengers maintained social distance and had access to hand sanitisers and masks.

Meanwhile, with scheduled passenger operations coming to a halt, BIAL has undertaken an intense cleaning and sanitisation drive across the airport to safeguard health of passengers and employees, as well as to ensure the highest standards of hygiene. Terminal, airside and landside infrastructure have undergone multiple rounds of deep cleaning and disinfection. In addition, flooring across the terminal has been polished, waiting to welcome passengers back.

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