Green Technology for Indian Roads

August 2020
Green Technology for Indian Roads

An experienced Indian road construction company turned to Ammann to help it meet the increasingly stricter environmental standards. Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, JRD Infratech primarily concentrates on road building and civil projects, but it also handles residential, industrial and commercial work.

n order to meet the environmental standards, JRD Infratech recently purchased an Ammann ACC 90 CounterMix asphalt-mixing plant. ?It is an environmentally friendly plant that utilises green technology,? says Jitendra Yadav, Director, JRD Infratech.

According to him, the plant meets the National Green Tribunal (NGT) and Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) guidelines. ?There are stiff pollution norms,? he says adding, ?This is the only plant that has met the NGT conditions.?

The ACC 90 CounterMix asphalt plant is the perfect combination of energy saving, minimum carbon footprints, and state-of-the-art pollution control system to meet the stringent pollution norms. The plant produces asphalt mix for the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway, which connects Noida, Uttar Pradesh - an industrial suburb of Delhi - to the new suburb of Greater Noida. It is also being put to work on roads at other sectors. Recycled plastics are used in some of the mixes manufactured for the project.

The ACC 90 CounterMix, which produces about 600 tonne per day, is a counter flow asphalt drum-mix plant, known for being productive and environmentally friendly. It combines the simplicity of existing continuous drum-mix plants with the added efficiency achieved through counter flow technology. Lesser energy requirements for heating lead to reduced emissions. It also produces mix at a lower cost than traditional parallel flow drum-mix plants and can easily incorporate recycled asphalt (RAP) and other additives.

The key green features, particularly lower emissions and recycling capabilities, were a perfect match for JRD?s needs. ?Tough environmental norms are the biggest challenge we face today,? Yadav says.

Ammann Group?s commitment to technology was a key factor in JRD?s purchase decision. The plant utilises Ammann?s proprietary recycling technology and is engineered so future innovations can be easily implemented.

Overall, the ACC 90 CounterMix is a cost-saver. Yadav explains, ?The plant is fuel efficient and consumes less when compared to other plants. We save money on fuel, plant maintenance and parts consumption. The plant is reliable and easy to operate.?

The installation was fast and straightforward. ?It did not take more than 10 days,? he adds.

Ammann India customer service is supportive and helps ensure all maintenance is completed on time. ?The Ammann India service team is always ready to support our plant, and the team has fast response time,? Yadav says. ?We are a focused, service-oriented firm that has great depth of experience related to construction projects,? he adds.

?Our recognition as a fast growing, dependable organisation comes from our strength in traditional construction methods combined with our capability to leverage cutting-edge technologies and delivery systems for residential and commercial projects.?

The success of Ammann asphalt-mixing plants is driven by innovation, backed with massive investments in research and development (R&D) which play a vital role in developing a sustainable, cost-effective solution to the road building industry.

Ammann India in association with the Indian road fraternity launched ?Initiative towards Swachh Bharat?, a forum to work on major aspects of sustainable asphalt pavement technologies.

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