Allen introduces all-new fully electric wheel buggy

February 2020

Allen Engineering, a leader in concrete finishing equipment, announced the debut of the all-new 2020 AW16E fully electric wheel buggy. The AW16E is the newest wheel buggy in the Allen Engineering lineup and was designed to compete with existing wheel buggies but have a more thoughtful impact on the environment. This wheel buggy comes with the best technology available to achieve a rechargeable, battery powered machine that is capable of withstanding working conditions. With travel speeds of up to 6 mph and a payload of 2,500 lbs, this new, fully electric wheel buggy is contractor tough and ready to meet zero emission needs.

The standard features of AW16E include: Rechargeable 48 V lithium ion battery; long-lasting battery life (up to 6 hours or 4 hours of constant use); travel speed up to 6 mph for greater job site efficiency; bucket capacity of 16 cu ft with 90º dump angle; and easy access to charging with standard three-prong industrial power chord.

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