Jammu Ropeway Project: Divisional commissioner inspects project

May 2021
Jammu Ropeway Project: Divisional commissioner inspects project

During the visit of Dr Raghav Langer, Divisional Commissioner Jammu, he was informed that the second phase of the Jammu Ropeway Project from Maha Maya Temple to Peer Kho is all set to begin commercial operations as all the major tasks have been completed.

The cable car project, which is 1.66 km long, has two phases. The first phase is from Bahu Fort to Mahamaya Park, and the second phase is from Maha Maya to Peer Kho over the Tawi river.

The first phase has been open to the public since 27 July 2020. A total of 2,100 passengers have taken a ride on the first phase of the ropeway to date.

The Divisional Commissioner directed all the members of the Ropeway Inspection Technical Committee (RTIC) to speed up the clearance of the project after taking a test ride of the cable car.

He inspected all the facilities at Maha Maya and Peer Kho station, including the viewpoints, technical sections, restaurants and other utilities.

The officials informed that the cable car project provides people with a high-quality experience with the sightseeing, entertainment, and transportation facilities.

The Ropeway Maha Maya to Peer Kho has 14 cabins, and all cabins have six seater capacity, and the one from Bahu Fort to Maha Maya has eight cabins.

The critical components of the ropeway are all imported from Turkey and Switzerland, and the total number of towers in section one, which is Peer Kho to Maha Maya and section two, which is Bahu Fort to Maha Maya, is nine. The total cost of the whole project is Rs 750 million, including both sections of the ropeway.

The project is expected to boost religious tourism by linking three temples Maha Maya Temple, Peer Kho, and Bawe Wali Mata. The three places are very popular among the devotees, particularly those visiting Jammu, the city of temples, from across the country after completing the second phase, as told by the Divisional Commissioner.

He also claimed that Jammu would become one of the major tourist attractions in India after the completion of this prestigious project.

The Detailed Project Reports (DPR) for the next phase are already in preparation for adding even more facilities like developing a water park at Peer Kho as appraised by the concerned officers to the Divisional Commissioner.

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