Smart tech products showcased at digital edition of Canton fair

April 2021
Smart tech products showcased at digital edition of Canton fair

The ongoing 129 China import and export fair (Canton fair), also its third digital exhibition, introduces 2.7 million products, among which more than 820,000 are new to the market. Buyers can find them in the virtual exhibition halls and attend 137 new product launch events online. Products at the CF Awards exhibition hall were selected by designers and buyers based on market potential and design value. The showcase presents the creation of Chinese suppliers, demonstrating premium products and detailed innovations that can help inspire buyers in their sourcing process.

Smart technology products on exhibition at the fair include a robot vacuum with an AI camera and a 3D structured light scanning sensor. The vacuum enables a long-distance detection mechanism, which can achieve positioning without accidental collision. It is also equipped with a smart dust collector, which can automatically collect and store dust for up to 30 days. Chinese suppliers are designing products, integrating technologies that cover air purification and healthcare supporting functions.

Another Chinese air purifier applies a virus purification system that uses high-voltage ionisation technology to destroy bacteria and proteins of the virus.

Written from a news release.

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