We conduct various programmes of social & economic development initiatives

October 2020
We conduct various programmes of social & economic development initiatives

- V Madhusudana Rao, Vice President - Operations (Cement Unit -II), The KCP Limited

What are the activities you are involved under CSR commitment and how the government mandate is prescribing various benchmarks?
The KCP Limited involved under CSR commitment, following all Statutory guidelines and organising following CSR activities under the KCP Limited, Cement Unit -II, Ramakrishna Puram: health care services, safe drinking water and sanitation, promotion of school education, skill development programme, women empowerment, infrastructure/rural development activities, disaster management and tree plantation.

What has been the impact of various CSR activities in various geographies? What is the criterion adopted in choosing the target group or community for CSR initiatives?
It is the vision of KCP CSR Wing to transform society at large surrounding our business operations. As a part of this, the company, under the stewardship of its Chairperson and Managing Director, Dr VL Indira Dutt, is conducting various programmes of social and economic development initiatives, with the national priorities such as public health, education, livelihoods, sanitation, water conversation and natural resource management.

We take care of communities around our plants, by identifying their needs and designing our CSR Programmes in such a way to meet the same.

How are the actual and prescribed budgets for the last three years? Please give details of allocations for various activities. How long it will take for you to complete the mission you have undertaken in that particular region?

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