The FIRST Construction Council (FCC) is an infrastructure think-tank, focused on providing the latest updates on the construction industry in India, and dedicated to promoting its causes and needs. FCC provides a platform to promote the adoption of best practices, and be the torchbearer for all policy initiatives that are needed to enhance the importance and welfare of the construction industry and the industry’s unified voice.


To be the comprehensive source for all information needs of the construction companies and the industry's stakeholders, the catalyst for adopting best practices, the torchbearer for all policy initiatives needed to enhance the importance and welfare of the industry and be the industry's unified voice.


To encourage, enhance and empower the construction industry, trade and business in India, through promotion, advocacy & representation, so that it can scale sustainably amongst the finest in the world.

What We Do

FCC, through its various resources, is in constant dialogue with state and city governments, and leaders from the industry in order to identify opportunities to improve its state, as well as provide opportunities to private players to get involved in the next phase of infrastructure growth in the country. We have conducted stakeholder meetings with the aim of connecting government officials with industrialists, who can offer their expertise and investments on projects. Additionally, we have conducted numerous round-table meetings, with the aim of changing the dynamics of the construction industry, discussing its requirements and shortcomings, and to formulate solutions for the future. We have been joined by top architects and builders as well as leaders from the solar, real estate, equipment, finance, smart city and technology industries in order to create a holistic environment for creative discussion.

Our Resources

Armed with a team of dedicated researchers, FCC has been able to publish relevant articles in multiple magazines, and provide newsletters on the latest happenings in the industry. Our vast database department enables us to provide the most accurate and updated information on the industry.

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