WOLFFKRAN to present smaller luffing jib crane at Conexpo 2020

January 2020
WOLFFKRAN to present smaller luffing jib crane at Conexpo 2020

After the successful introduction of WOLFF luffing and saddle jib cranes with middle to high lift capacities for the US market, WOLFFKRAN is now following suit with one of its smaller luffing jib cranes, the WOLFF 166 B. The new crane is compliant to US electrical standards and all US requirements regarding structural components, naming it WOLFF 166 B US.

Due to its impressive performance and an extremely compact design, the WOLFF 166 B has quickly developed into a bestselling crane for reinforced concrete structure projects on space restricted inner-city job sites since its launch in 2012. Unlike conventional luffing jib cranes with a winch driven luffing gear, the WOLFF 166 B US is fitted with a compact hydraulic luffing mechanism which eliminates the classical tower top and reeving of the luffing rope, making both transportation and assembly more efficient. The hydraulic luffing design also allows for a smaller out-of-service jib position, which is particularly important on constricted city construction sites.

The WOLFF 166 B US will be showcased on a WOLFF City Portal (CP 690) that adapts a standard WOLFF Cross Frame (KR 12-60) by means of adding support legs into a convenient solution allowing traffic to flow underneath the crane. WOLFFKRAN will be exhibiting in Booth F5832 on the Festival Grounds at Conexpo 2020 in Las Vegas.

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