B&B Attachments provides handling solution to Fender Steel

November 2019

B&B Attachments specialises in the design and manufacture of bespoke forklift truck attachment solutions, supplied a mesh grab attachment with Fender Steel which was facing handling issues with their reinforcing steel and associated products.

Fender Steel supplies reinforcement steel mesh. This product is indispensable for reinforcing concrete parts in reinforced concrete construction. To assist with the difficult task of loading and unloading the bulky reinforcing mesh, in the safest and most economical way, Fender Steel contacted B&B Attachments to provide a material handling solution to this industry wide handling issue. Following discussions with Fender Steel, B&B supplied the construction suppliers with a mesh grab attachment.

The mesh grab attachment consists of four pincers which slot between the apertures, enabling the operator to handle bundles of the steel reinforcing mesh in one single lift. Each pincer is powered by a hydraulic cylinder. The mesh attachment is designed as fork mounted, which means it can be fitted or removed from a forklift truck in a matter of seconds. This allows the forklift truck to return quickly to other duties.

This specialist attachment is available through B&B Attachments. B&B provides efficient handling solutions for all industry sectors, including construction, brewing, paper handling and logistics.

Fender Steel specialises in supplying reinforcing steel and associated products, together with building materials to the construction industry on a wholesale basis.

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