Brokk relocates Stanhope facility

September 2019
Brokk relocates Stanhope facility

Brokk, the world’s leading manufacturer of remote-controlled demolition machines, recently opened the doors to their relocated Stanhope, New Jersey, distribution and service facility. The new building is in the same industrial complex as the original location but offers the company 33 per cent more space for increased inventory.

Additionally, the added room allows the Stanhope team to offer Brokk demonstrations onsite.

“As Brokk’s presence in the United States has grown, so has interest in seeing the power and precision of our machines firsthand. It is an exciting position to be in,” said Lars Lindgren, President of Brokk Inc. “Part of the decision to move our Stanhope facility was the need to increase inventory to better meet our customers’ needs, but in addition, it gave us the opportunity to add an onsite demonstration area. The move allows us to better support our customers across the US and Canada and provides a perfect setting to experience the intelligent demolition power Brokk offers.”

The 9,600-sq ft (892-sqm) facility has allowed the Brokk team to increase their inventory by 50 per cent. The facility stocks nearly every Brokk model, including multiple 110, 170 and 200 units. The new Stanhope facility also stocks a range of Brokk attachments, including buckets, crushers, grapples and breakers. The additional space offers the Brokk specialists better manoeuverability for loading and unloading equipment, pre-delivery equipment inspections and maintenance, allowing them to optimise productivity and address customer needs more efficiently.

For contractors on the East Coast, the addition of an onsite demonstration area increases access to a first-hand Brokk experience. Now, visitors can easily see the benefits of remote-controlled demolition in common applications, including concrete crushing, breaking and drilling.

The Stanhope facility currently offers select equipment servicing by appointment. In conjunction with the St. Joseph, Missouri Demonstration and Service Center and Monroe, Washington Headquarters, the new Stanhope facility allows Brokk specialists to apply a more locally focused approach when addressing customer needs – increasing productivity and shortening lead times.

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