NITI Aayog, Strategy for New India@ 75

December 2018
NITI Aayog, Strategy for New India@ 75

In order to bring innovation, technology, enterprise and efficient management to the forefront of policy formulation and implementation in India, NITI Aayog has put together the 'Strategy for New India@ 75' document. The Government has released this comprehensive strategy in the hope of creating public discussion, believing that it will be a pathway to inclusion, and lead to constructive debate for the economic transformation of India.

Giving his clarion call for establishing a new India by 2022, PM Narendra Modi captures three key messages of progress. First, development must become a mass movement, in which every Indian recognizes her role and also experiences the tangible benefits accruing to her in the form of better ease of living. Second, development strategy should help achieve broad-based economic growth to ensure balanced development across all regions and states and across sectors. And third, the strategy when implemented, will hopefully bridge the gap between public and private sector performance.

Download the complete report here

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